The ideas for this book have been swirling around for a long time and now after sixteen years of teaching, performing and choreographing, I feel happy to share my knowledge with you. Buenos Aires,  my current home base, is a city of passion, nostalgia and creative energy. The birthplace of the tango can be felt in a taxi racing down Corrientes Avenue or when an old milongero sings along at a milonga. It is the city that breathes the soul of tango and yet not many people have found an efficient pedagogy with which to pass on this knowledge. Tango Scales is a form of learning not based on memorizing but by creating through an understanding of the logic, structure and simplicity of tango.  A dance designed to bring two people together and for a brief moment in time to be in-sync and alive in the present. I want you to use these scales as a tool to break free from the effort of remembering figures and start truly improvising with variety, contrast and creativity.

PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT; always practice these scales with positive energy and intention, and make sure you repeat the scales only with the qualities you want to have when you are dancing.

Make each step count,

Alexander Richardson