Alexander Richardson

Alexander is a multi-talented, multi-faceted artist and teacher who is inspired by the human body in motion. He is an internationally recognized Argentine tango dancer, choreographer and coach with a background in ballet, contemporary dance and ballroom.  His career has taken him across the world, with performances on television, in cinema and theatres in Buenos Aires, New York, Europe and Canada.

This book is dedicated to all the great dancers and teachers that have come before me and have been generous with their teaching.  Argentine tango is a dance style that has a rich and recent history.  Many of the dancers who invented the style and steps that we associate with modern day tango grew up in the 1930’s.  These old milongueros and milongueras grew up in a time of invention and discovery.  They discovered tango by watching their parents dance or by watching and listening to the intensity of the golden era orchestras playing live.

Living in Argentina, I have studied intensively with several of these remaining maestros.  Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau, Carlos Perez and Rosa Forte, Pedro ‘Toto’ Faraldo,  and Raul Bravo have passed on their unique steps and style of tango, and more importantly their rich personality and story of why they dance tango and what is important to them in terms of aesthetics and etiquette in this social dance.

Many other great Milongueros and Milongueras of tango have now passed away.  Natalia Gomez and Gabriel Angio, Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne, Fernando Galera and Vilma Vega have been instrumental in sharing with me their stories, pedagogy and how their uniqueness contributed to the evolution of tango. I am indebted to the structure and clarity of teaching passed on by the diligent and encyclopedic maestros, Gabriel Angio and Natalia Gomez. 

As I continued my research into tango, I was mentored by Gabriel Misse, Natalia Hills,  and Ruben y Sabrina Veliz. These artists have pushed the quality of my technique and shared their own research into the abrazo (embrace) and their view of the tango and many stories passed down from their teachers.

The world of Argentine tango is vast and each dancer has their own style and opinon.  Christian Sosa, Mario Morales, Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sosa, Francisco Forquera, Geraldine Rojas, Damian and Nancy, Marisol Morales and Alejandro Larenas, Guillermo Cerneaz, Lorena Ermocida and Pancho Martinez Pey, have all shown me different paths to shaping my own unique voice in tango.

I hope this book inspires more people to dance with quality and conviction and I look forward to hearing about your progress.

Alexander Richardson

-Photos with teachers