Foundation Scales

In these simple and easy to understand scales, students will be introduced to all the essential movements required to understand and improvise Argentine tango.   For beginner and advanced dancers,  students will learn the proper biomechanics and posture to dance; ochos, paradas, rebotes, and walking movements in all directions.  We will focus on the art of initiating a clear lead and how followers can react to specific invitations.  Unique to Argentine tango is the Abrazos or embrace.  In these foundation scales we will analyze the posture and energy required to create an elastic, breathing embrace that can be adapted for each couple regardless of height or experience.  Theses scales contain all the elements that every dancer should practice and maintain to be free to dance Argentine tango with spontaneity and grace.

In the foundation scales we will look at all the elements needed to connect with your partner and music in order to dance Argentine tango with quality and ease.  Argentine tango is a subtle dance that is based on listening to your partner and telling a story through movement.  Whether approaching the foundation scales as a beginner or advanced dancer the goal should be the same: to dance each moment with an intention to connect deeper with my partner and the music.

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