Giro Scales

Giro Scales

Giros (turning figures) are the foundation from which all the intricate elements of Argentine tango are created. Within the structure of the giro scales, followers and leaders can explore sacadas, boleos, ganchos, barridas, enrosques and many other tango elements. In the giro scales, we will look at the eight step giro to the right and to the left and use these eight positions as reference points to insert different tango elements.  Example: (we could dance a gancho between positions two and three)

In the giro scales, we can practice in two different ways.  One way would be to take each position and learn every option in that position.

As an example in position four we can dance a sacada, or a boleo, or a gancho, or an enrosque, etc.

Another way to learn and master the giro scales, is to take one element and try this one element in each position of the scale.  As an example, we can dance a sacada in position one, position two and all the remaining positions.

Like all the scales, once you have mastered the lead and follow of each scale, it is important to challenge yourself with different rhythms and tempos as well as to deconstruct each scale and improvise a combination of different elements together. An example would be to dance a follower’s gancho in position two and then go directly into a leader’s barrida in position three.

These giro scales open up a whole new level of variety to dance on the spot or in tight spaces and provide leaders with a simple structure to create and improvise Argentine tango. With practice and repetition, followers will improve their following ability and technique and be able to recognize the difference between subtle differences of a lead.

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