Student testimonials

We’ve really enjoyed working with Erin and Alex over the past year and we feel that the quality of our dance has improved under their guidance.  They are not only outstanding performers but they are highly skilled and effective teachers.  During their 10 week sessions, they have a very clear syllabus. Each class builds upon the skills and knowledge taught during the previous lesson. We appreciate their purposeful approach to dance instruction which puts equal emphasis on the roles and the leader and the follower. We’re inspired by their own journey of discovery and adventure with the music, culture, and artistry of tango. Regardless of your level of dancing, Erin and Alex have a lot to offer and they are both a pleasure to work with.
Wayne & Melissa


Alex and Erin have evolved a logical system for teaching tango, notable for its clarity and natural progression. They communicate this system with charm, passion, and an extraordinary amount of patience for tango dancers with less than optimal talent. Even when teaching a group they are alert to individuals, catching the kinds of details that often make a big difference in dancing tango. Your mistakes are scrupulously corrected, but always in a way that is good-humoured and positive. You emerge from lessons with them a better dancer, aware of new possibilities in tango. It goes without saying that their own brilliant dancing is an inspiration in itself. 

Peter Schwenger